Horseback riding just 2 hours from Iquique

Undoubtedly, our society pays a lot of attention to leisure time, and it is that with a life every month busier and full of responsibilities like the one that many of us have, it becomes very important, if not essential, to disconnect and enjoy the landscape. , nature and relaxing activities. Even more so with all the levels of stress that the continuous quarantines have imposed on us, but the good news is that there are many options to relax and make us forget the routine, among which one of the most interesting is the so-called equestrian tourism.

And what is equestrian tourism? Well, equestrian tourism would be any tourist route that includes interaction with horses as its main point, this can be through horseback riding or so-called horseback riding (which can be days-long journeys in some cases). As an activity both for recreation and for therapeutic purposes, it has the great advantage that it can be done by any individual, regardless of whether or not they have previous riding experience or are trying to ride a horse for the first time. And it is that it is the vast majority, the routes on horseback are focused on being a relaxing experience and contact with nature, so if the rider does not have experience it is almost always certain that the horse will be directed by means of its reins by a tour guide.

In addition to presenting multiple benefits for the participant, the route being able to be more focused on sport or on therapeutic relaxation, equestrian tourism provides many benefits, both economic and for the environment of the place where it is carried out:

  • It is a sustainable activity, respectful in general for the environment since it helps to restore roads and trails.
  • It contributes to the development of rural areas, by complementing tourism in the territory.
  • The development of this activity helps to strengthen the collaboration of small businesses in the area.

Such a branch of tourism is almost non-existent in the Tarapacá region, but very recently the community of Huasquiña (located about two hours from the city of Iquique) has launched an initiative that seeks to empower and help the town community through the development of the equestrian tourism with several horseback riding routes . We recommend them, it will surely be an unforgettable experience.