Other Routes

At Ruta Huasquina we know that there are adventurers who want unique experiences according to their needs and tastes.

If you're adventurous, we'll have that adventure

If you're a family, we'll have that family outing you dream of

If you are a company, we will put together this exit so that your workers can rest and renew their energy.

Let's talk and see how we can fulfill these dreams.

Get in touch with us at the following email; turismo.huasquina@gmail.com or contact via Whatsapp to coordinate a meeting.

    Examples of other Routes.

    • Horseback riding plus camping in the Pampa (sleeping outdoors with the starry sky)
    • Horseback riding to Caigua (2 days on horseback)
    • Lodging + barbecue + horseback riding
    • Horseback riding to Chintulla (geoglyphs)
    • Horseback riding with camping in Quiquiguaya. (4 hours from Huasquiña)