General recommendations:

The average height in the routes corresponding to RutaHuasquina can vary between 1,500 to 2,6000 masl, (check the average height in each corresponding tour), therefore, these are not recommended for people:

People with chronic heart/lung disease (eg, angina, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and some people with severe asthma).

People with anemia, including sickle cell disease (low hemoglobin in the blood.

People with untreated blood clotting disorders and a history of thrombosis (clots).

*In case of presenting these conditions, not informing and attending anyway, it will be under your full responsibility.

Due to the climatic conditions of the Chilean altiplano, it is recommended in any tour that takes place in the sector to take:

  • Swimwear
  • blocker
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm clothing
  • Bottled water

Regarding the preparation of the day before the development of the tour, it is highly recommended to eat light (avoid a high consumption of carbohydrates), sleep and have a sufficient rest the night before and avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

We recommend the protection of your belongings during the development of any of the tours offered, RutaHuasquina is not responsible for their loss or theft during the tours. It is recommended to make sure of their presence when getting out of the vehicle.

General policies:

All our rates are subject to change without prior notice. RutaHuasquina reserves the right to modify the rates as necessary.

All visitors must be registered and sanitized at the time of check-in (access will not be allowed to any person or companion who has not been registered).

Access to the accommodation is not allowed for visitors who are not registered or who have not paid for their stay.

RutaHuasquina is not responsible for personal losses caused in the accommodation or in common spaces.

Any damage or loss caused by guests to the RutaHuasquina property will be charged to the account of the responsible client.

The administration reserves the right to terminate the lodging stay if any of the regulations is violated or breached. In the previous case, there is no total or partial refund of the money, under the corresponding policies.

By making the reservation, you accept our operating policies and agree to abide by the terms mentioned in our policies section and in the Covid Commitment Letter and Declaration of Responsibility that is signed at the time of check-in.

In the event of an accident and/or incident during the development of any of the tours, Ruta Huasquiña will initiate an investigation process within a period of 15 business days, in order to determine causes and pertinent responsibilities. And, if warranted, the corresponding compensations and/or returns.

Reservation Policy:

Reservations: They must be made via the web portal at or directly to our WhatsApp +56953473012

Services that are included in all our reservations: Accommodation services, breakfast, water, parking space, use of common spaces and any extra service that is explicitly specified in the description of the reserved product.

Services that are not included in our reservations: Laundry services, food services not specified in the reserved product or any extra that is not explicitly specified in the description of the reserved product.

Documentation required to make a reservation is: DNI or Passport.

Cancellation policies:

If the Guest does not show up: In the event of the guest not showing up without prior notice 24 hours prior to arrival, in all cases 100% of the first night will be charged as a penalty.

If the Guest must withdraw early: In the event that the guest withdraws from the Hotel earlier than expected in all cases, he must cancel 50% of the remaining nights as a penalty.

If the Guest must cancel his reservation: In the event that the cancellation of the reservation is after 24 hours before arrival, in all cases, he must cancel 100% of the first night as a penalty.

Cancellations will only be accepted in writing to the following email address; 48 hours in advance. In that case …

In the case of payments made through the Transbank system, the corresponding cancellation will be made on Wednesday of each week, after this cancellation is completed, Transbank internally returns the money to the corresponding card, this process takes between 48 to 72 hours. about. Said return may be made by transfer or cash as the client prefers and according to the conditions of each case, these returns being made no later than every Wednesday of each week as appropriate.

Coexistence Policies:

RutaHuasquina promotes the rest and relaxation of its visitors, the schedule for social activities, with moderate sound, may be up to 24:00 . Those who need to continue with their activities will be able to carry them out inside their accommodation, minimizing all types of noise.

To achieve a pleasant stay, we avoid causing inconvenience to other visitors and the staff of the tourist center. If you do not comply with the coexistence policy and the aforementioned ones, a fine of 140 usd or $100,000 will be applied at the time of check out or you must leave the facilities immediately without the right to any type of refund.

Policies for the contingency of Covid-19

All accommodation services and other tourist and gastronomic services offered by RutaHuasquiña will be carried out following the following sanitary protocols see protocols . Due to the current situation, in the event that a reservation must be canceled on our part due to sanitary requirements of the competent authorities, our clients will be able to re-schedule their reservations until the sanitary conditions allow it or cancel their reservations following the policies of cancellation already described.

Important: The use of a mask is the responsibility of each guest. Sports and adventure tourism activities that take place outdoors can be carried out without masks, following the established social distancing, and respecting the provisions of the health authority: see more information.

ACCEPTANCE: The Guest declares to accept these general contracting conditions and said acceptance is ratified by means of one or any of the following acts: a) The payment of the contracted services before the beginning of the provision of these in any way; b) The payment of 50% required as Guarantee for the initiation of the provision of the Services c) The acceptance of the invoice for the services contracted directly by The Guest or by any person dependent on him or directly or indirectly related to him ; d) Through the use of any portion of the contracted services.

Likewise, The Guest declares that all the information provided at the time of making the reservation, including that which refers to their current relationship with the Covid-19 virus, is completely true.

Dissemination and use of images.

The audiovisual material captured by the RutaHuasquina staff during the development of the tours is subject to use for promotional material and/or media dissemination by RutaHuasquina or any of its associated companies. At the time of canceling the services, the client accepts this possibility and assigns the exclusivity of the rights of said audiovisual material to RutaHuasquina or its associated companies.