In Ruta Huasquina our objective is to rediscover the routes of our ancestors, paying homage to the original peoples of the Tarapacá region for their sacrifice in the conquest of the desert. For this, we strive to deliver a quality service focused on people so that they live the experience of the ravines, desert and adventures to the fullest.

Come enjoy the tranquility.

Come live the adventure

Huasquina Route.


Route that begins in the corrals of Pampallapo, going up the hill to pass through Ñauquiña, you will have a complete view of the town. Then you descend through the old farms of Pulanca Chico to take the road and continue until you reach the Pulanca Grande ravine. It goes down to the river to return by it to the old cow pen to reach Pampallapo by the river.

You will be able to appreciate panoramic views, river and its vegetation.

Duration time: 3 hours

difficulty: easy

It includes:

  • Riding helmet.
  • Tourist guide.
  • Digital kit
  • Saddle and riding implements
  • Ruta Huasquiña Horse or Mare
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Items to Bring:

  • Long pants
  • Trekking or comfortable shoes for riding
  • Cap or Hat
  • UV protection glasses, with protection straps
  • Sunscreen (factor 40 or higher)

***Value per person


The digital kit is included as a download link, which is sent to the email with which the purchase is made. Please check your mail and download the corresponding digital kit. In it you will find information about the route, its GPS and other information of interest.

All tours will be carried out when a minimum of 2 interested parties are completed and any cancellation will be accepted 48 hours before the development of the tour, in case of canceling in less time than the stipulated time, no refund will be made, since the tours are scheduled and developed with a minimum of people, affecting the normal development of this. If the service is not developed by us, the full refund of the money will be made, via transfer or cash as the client deems, every Wednesday of each week the corresponding refunds or payments will be made. By making your reservation you are accepting our service policies.



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